New gTLDs: Is It a Good Idea or a Bad One?

New gTLDs: Is It a Good Idea or a Bad One

In the eve of 2011, ICANN opened the door for registration of new domain extensions above the classical .com, .net, .org and others. Now, you can have a domain name specified for your line of business or career. For instance, if you are a photographer, you can have a name like smart Also, instead of having a .com site for online business dealing with cosmetics, you have an opportunity for your domain name.cosmetics.

What a great advancement? But are the new gTLDs something to enjoy? Will they change the way your site appears online and should you go for them or retain your .com/.org websites? To help you in your decision making, here are some insights on the ups and downs of the new generic top-level domains:

The positive side of new TLDs

Easy branding

One of the hard tasks that any entrepreneur faces is creating a reputation for their brand online. You have to work around the clock and involve several agents such as affiliate marketer to help you drive your sales. Mainly, when your domain name does not state what you are offering, you will have to do extra work to establish your brand. However, with the new gTLD’s, your branding becomes easier. This is more when you are using a niche based domain extension.

Take, for example; you are offering travel services, ending your domain name with .travel informs your customers on the kind of business you are running. This would not be so with a .com one. Hence, it becomes easier to brand your site.

A sign of creativity and innovativeness

As you know, normal is boring. Now and then, people are searching for something new beyond the common one. Using the new domain extensions offers you an opportunity to align your website with the desire of your target customers. When a visitor views a site with an extension different from the usual ones, they will develop an interest to look at it. This way, you get increased views and traffic. Again, the action makes your site up to date with the current trend. As such, it is a sign of creativity and business innovativeness.

Negative side

Despite the above benefits, using the new gTLDs has its shortfalls. First, you can be promoting your competitors’ business for free. This happens when you choose a domain name that is similar to your competitors with only a difference of extension. For instance, you register while you competitor domain name is Your customers will be heading to the .com site as it looks credible. Again, in such a case, your competitor can take legal actions against you.