3 Types of Names That You Cannot Register As Your Domain Names

Domain Names

Well, it is indisputable that having a domain name is equal to owning a property. With it, you become part of the virtual world owners. Particularly, owning a prime domain is like having a plot near a busy city center. You know the price? As a new entrant in the virtual world, you might be in confusion regarding which name to register or associate with dot-com extension. On consulting an expert, they advise you to find a name that is simple and memorable.

Right, now you are seeking to pick one of the popular brands and add some letters to make it yours. But did you know registering some domains as yours can land you in legal disputes? Here are three types of names that you cannot register as your domain names:


So, you find that myreebok.com is available through the domain searches. You are now preparing to register it as your web address. Taking such as step will only land you into legal tussles.  As you know, Reebok is already a trademark of a footwear company. In this essence, registering such a name would be an infringement of the companies’ copyrights which would attract high penalties. As such, you cannot use names such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, and any other trademarks as your domain names unless you are the owner of the brand.


The domain extension .gov is set aside for government agencies. In this essence, you cannot use it as part of your domain name. Say you come up with a web address like smartseller.gov. Unless your company is one of the governmental departments, associating your site with the extension can only happen in a dream. In fact, no domain registrar can proceed on to register the name unless they have enough proof it is a government agency. Hence, if you had a thought of taking that route, it is advisable to seek an option.

Other companies’ name

Even though you are free to register any domain name as long as it is available, you should avoid registering other companies’ names. For instance, a name like Sweetdairies.com may be available for registration. Yet in your backyard, there is a popular brand with that name. So, what you will be doing online is to promote the brand for free. As such, it is important to come up with a unique domain name than taking that of another company.

In overall, you should avoid the above three types as you register your domain.