How Your Domain Name Influence SEO Rankings

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Creating a website and you want to rank high on Google?

With the ease in creating websites and availability of domain names, their credibility is much affected. A question may arise on the validity of these new websites. Google wants to determine whether or not, your website is valid one or is it fly-by-night site. Quality and validity of your site can easily be determined by search engines. They have lot of information indexed using different tools like analytic programs and their algorithm. Additionally, it is much more about the content, and frequency of producing it, backlinks, user experience, and site structure, amongst the ranking factors in Google.

If you’re registering a new domain name, consider following strategies to compete on particular niche within SEO.

Brandable OR Keyword-Laden Domain Name

Here you have two options. Either you can go for something brandable like twitter that people will remember, but doesn’t contain keywords necessarily. Or, else you can go strictly for the keywords in domain name. People have different opinions like is it wise enough to go for a keyword-rich domain or a domain name that doesn’t include any keyword, but a bit more brandable. Definitely, it’s possible to succeed without having keywords in your domain. Think about some big successful brands – Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Reddit and twitter. The names that you can instantly recall when you think about it tend not to be those keyword-laden domains. People who want to rise above the noise are more likely to lean towards brandable option.  So that, more people are able to remember their site and refer to it.

On the other side, one advantage of having keywords in domain names is that it refers to name of business. Mostly it depends on your business goals and things you’re interested in. In order to rank high, of course, having keywords does help. Make sure you have keywords somewhere within your URL structure.

Other strategy you can think of is to make sure your domain name delivers the right signals to achieve the most value. It doesn’t have to be lucrative and long-tail URL. A domain name must include occurrence of your business name that help you contribute your branding efforts. Also, include a keyword to associate your site. By this, you will add relevancy to your domain, and ultimately it gives the search engines a clue. Choose a website builder that allows you to manage sub-domains as to be able to forwarding emails, renew your domain names, and even remove domains from your store.

Domain Name Age

Now if we were to rewind Google a few years, things were different as all the ranking weight used to be on the shoulders of domain name. It really helped people with domain name having keywords in it. But, now, it doesn’t hold as much value as it used to, but to some extent it does matter. What you need to do is make your website with the best content and the most effective SEO to back it all up. So, what happens, anytime someone does search on particular topic related to your website; Google will intentionally send them to your website. Its obvious Google and other search engines use tens or hundreds of different factors to decide where to place things on search engine result pages, how to rank them and they do use domain name age as one of the factor.

In the nutshell

Still older domain names, if they are of high quality and has backlinks then it might influence their ranking. When it comes to keyword rich domain name, if you can, sure get it. Remember, it has to be short, memorable and brandable.